Clinical and hospital employment

Planning the workforce for Tweed Valley Hospital is underway to ensure that people with the right skills and experience are on our team, in the right place, at the right time.

Recruitment timeframes will vary depending on the role. Roles will become available across a broad range of professions including domestic services, security, maintenance and grounds, nursing, cardiac services, radiation oncology, medical imaging and many others up to 2023 and beyond.

The Northern New South Wales Local Health District encourages you to apply early for any upcoming vacancies at The Tweed Hospital before the Tweed Valley Hospital opens.

The Tweed Hospital employees

​Current employees of The Tweed Hospital will transition their roles to the new Tweed Valley Hospital.

Local Health District employees

Current employees of other Local Health District facilities (excluding The Tweed Hospital) may apply for roles at Tweed Valley Hospital through external open merit recruitment processes.

Advertised job vacancies

All job vacancies will be advertised on the NSW Health Careers page. You are encouraged to sign up to job alerts. For upcoming job opportunities, complete our Recruitment and Careers - Expression of Interest form. For any other Recruitment and Career enquiries please email  You can also follow us on social media.

The Northern New South Wales Local Health District is looking forward to having you join the team at the Tweed Valley Hospital.

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