Art in health

It is widely acknowledged that Art in Health Programs at health facilities contribute to a range of positive benefits including reduced length of hospital stays, lower reliance on pain relief medication and improved emotional wellbeing of patients through creative engagement.

The Tweed Valley Hospital Art in Health Program will provide opportunity for a mix a signature permanent sculptural artwork, integrated artworks and commissioned framed wall pieces; with a focus on the hospital as a place of healing, reflection and discovery.

Artwork at the new hospital will be delivered based on the following principles:
  • Engaged community: Generate a vibrant local energy and encourage community interactions that build capacity including partnerships to support the Art in Health Program
  • Inclusiveness and accessibility: Increase appreciation of and interaction with the Art in Health Program so as to create memorable experiences, which will positively contribute to patient and visitor well-being
  • Supporting artists: In establishing a comprehensive approach to the Art in Health Program, the Hospital is well placed to create opportunities for a diversity of artists, showcasing regional talent in a variety of artwork forms. In turn, this will build capacity in the local arts community and allow effective artistic expression and inter-disciplinary collaborations within the development.

At the new Tweed Valley Hospital, the flagship piece, or primary artwork, will be located in the Main Foyer upon entrance to the hospital. This will be a significant permanent sculptural opportunity located for optimum line of sight within the hospital entrance. The EOI for the primary artwork closed Friday 13 November 2020.

Further opportunities for incorporating secondary artworks have been identified throughout the hospital, including in corridors, lift lobbies, wards and consultation rooms. 

Separate Expressions of Interest programs will be released for the secondary artwork opportunities.

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